here are some things you should know..

It is agreed that the said slave will strictly adhere to the following:
1.- During the day you will always have to put on your maid uniform.
2.- I will give you 6 maid uniforms, and order you when you have to put them on.
3.- During your service you will always have to wear a ball gag at your mouth, collar and chains (this point isn't negotiable).
4.- Never speak without permit.
5.- You must always stay on your knees, when receiving my instructions.
6.- During the night, you will always sleep in a big cage.
7.- You must sleep in a school uniform.
8.- If your work is bad, your punishment will be bondage, hard spanking, and confinement chained in a cell.
9.- You position as slave/maid is 24/7 (no free days)
10.- You must shave all your body.
11.- You must go shopping with your uniform on.

12.- I won't pay anything for your work, only your food, your uniforms, your under dress, and your cage. I'll give you pocket money 100 month.
13.- I will give you medical help when needed
14.- Your duties as maid will be, laundry, cook, ironing, dish, clean the windows, clean my car, clean dirty toilets and other things.
15.- You will always eat your meals from a bowl on the floor.
16.- This will be your daily uniform: Maid uniform of my choice, cap, ball gag around

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