Here's the contract

 This legally binding contract is between Mistress Jody Moore (MJM) and slave  (slave).

    Whereas said slave's ability to engage in any sexual activity is non-existent and is therefore limited to negative masturbatory behavior.

    Whereas a result of said negative behavior said slave is seeking a Dominate Female to strictly train and control all sexual activity and release.

    Whereas MJM, a Dominant Female, is an expert at training males, has agreed to undertake said training only under the strict conditions set forth in this contract.

I.  Definitions:

    1)  Key holder is the Dominant Female, MJM, who holds the key to a locking male chastity device.

    2)  Chastity device is the instrument that confines by locking mechanism the male genitalia and prevents erections, masturbation, and orgasm.

    3)  Confinement is the period in which the male slave is locked into he chastity device.

    4)  Release means the discharge of male seminal fluid which may or may not be accompanied by an orgasm.

    5)  Schedule is the period of time determined by MJM between releases.

    6) Appendage is the defined under this contract to mean either the male penis and/or testicles.

    7)  Emergency key is defined as an extra key to the locking male chastity device which is sealed in an envelop and in possession of said slave for emergency purposes only.

II.  Purpose of Contract:

    The main objective of this contract is to break said slave of his negative masturbating behavior, control all sexual activity of the said slave and to train said male to release only when MJM deems it appropriate.

    It is further understood between the parties that slave by entering said contract forfeits all rights and privileges to his manhood as well as his sexual freedom and that he will only be able to utilize said appendage at the sole discretion of MJm.

III.  Rights and Privileges:

    MJM has complete and total rights as well as all of the privileges under this contract and said slave has none.  That means MJM has all the benefits from limiting said slave's sexual activity and release.  Those benefits include but not limited to a chaste and obedient male to do MJM's bidding.

    It is further agreed that MJM as the key holder has the absolute power and authority to make any and all rules regarding the usage of the said slave's appendage and MJM can change, modify, or alter those rules for any reason at any time.

IV.  Terms and Conditions:

    It is agreed that said slave will strictly adhere to the following:

    1)  Said slave will not touch, fondle, or masturbate said appendage at anytime unless explicit permission is granted by MJM.

    2)  Said slave will not release and/or orgasm at any time unless explicit permission is granted by MJM.

    3)  Said slave will be confined in the male chastity device at any time for any length of time as dictated by MJM.

    4)  Said slave understands that release is a privilege to be granted only by the order of MJM.

    5)  MJM as the key holder may or may not determine a schedule for release.

    6)  MJM as the key holder is She so chooses may determine periods of time when said slave is not confined but still not permitted to engage in any several activity or any form of release.

    7)  If said slave utilizes the emergency key for any reason other then directed by MJM then paragraph 6 becomes ineffective.

    8)  If release is granted by MJM it will only be in MJM's presence or at Her direction.

    9)  MJM as the key holder can withhold the privilege if release for any reason, justified or not.

    10)  MJM as the key holder dictates time and place for release and if said slave fails the appear for any reason, then said slave forfeits his chance to release at that time and is automatically prohibited from release until the next release dates if any.

    11)  If the emergency key is utilized for any reason, emergency or not then paragraph VI section 1 will be in full force and effect.

V.  Breach of Contract:

    Breach of said contract occurs when said slave does any of the following:

    1)  Disobeys a direct order by MJM.

    2)  Whines.

    3)  Releases for any reason without explicit permission.

    4)  When not confined engages in masturbation, intercourse, or fondling said appendage without permission, and

    5)  Request or in any other way badgers MJM for release.

VI.  Consequences of Breach:

    Any violation of paragraph V above is deemed a serious breach and therefore MJM without limitation may or may not do any of the following:

    1)  Extended period of confinement without release.

    2)  Complete denial of release.

    3)  Alter previous schedule.

    4)  Employ disciplinary measures that my include but not limited to corporal punishment and heavy CBT.

    5)  Cease to be the key holder.

    6)  Banishment of said slave from MJM's dungeon.

VII.  Length:

    Length of said contract to be solely determined by MJM without reservation by said slave.

VIII.  Termination:

    It is agreed between the parties that this contract is legally binding and that it can only be terminated by MJM which means said slave has no right of termination.

IX.  slave's Obligations:

    Said slave's mandatory obligations under this agreement are as follows:

    1)  Strictly and without question obey every and any order by MJM.

    2)  Adhere to any schedule dictated by MJM.

    3)  Refrain from release or intercourse at any time unless explicit permission is granted (when said slave is not confined).

    4)  When not in confinement, refrain from touching or stroking said appendage.

    5)  Honestly report any unauthorized release no matter the circumstance.

    6)  Said slave must keep genitals shaved and pubic region trimmed at all time.

    7)  Said slave will wear a cock ring at all time when not confined and shall continue to sit when urinating to remove him of his status.

    8)  Said slave must keep anus shaved.

    9)  Whenever or wherever said slave is granted permission to release he must be completely naked and on his knees.

X.  Health:

    If for any reason the said slave has not released by 30 days, then for health reasons said slave will either be permitted to release at MJM's direction or be milked via the prostrate.

XI.  Consent:

    The parties enter into this contract voluntarily, consensually and of their own free will and agree to all terms and conditions without reservation.

    Therefore let it be known by this instrument that said slave has now and until this contract is terminated forfeited all rights to his sexual freedom, as well as his worthless and unused appendage and this contract when excited is binding on both parties.

______________________  (slave in chastity)                                            ___________________________